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The Designers

We believe Morrelli @ Melvin are the best qualified and most professional multihull design/engineering companies in the world which is why we have them on our team. Morelli & Melvin don't just sit in the design office, they sail, build boats and have developed technology behind America's Cup campaigns and other world famous projects. This gives them the perfect balance of technical knowledge and hands on experience.

Pete Melvin and Gino Morelli.

The Rapido Team

Our Directors are all committed trimaran sailors. 

Paul Koch and James Sganzerla are amongst the most experienced trimaran builders in the world. They have launched over 1,500 trimarans and collectively, have more than 60 years' experience.

  • Paul Koch was the owner of Ostac Yachts from 1986 to 2008 and Corsair Marine from 1994 until 2010. His vision and passion has driven numerous multihull innovations. 
  • Richard Eyre is a life-long sailor, trimaran owner, lawyer and investment banker who brings many years of corporate knowledge and good governance to the company.
  • James Sganzerla brings extensive operations managament and boatbuilding experience to Rapido Trimarans. James played a critical role in the development of all trimaran models at Corsair Marine.
  • Phil Johns is the General Manager of Triac Composites and is a former Executive Director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam as well as working previously at Corsair Marine.
  • Tom Cutajar is the Triac Composites' Production Manager who has extensive experience in this field which included owning a highly successful business in Australia.

Paul, Richard and James, Phil and Tom

Rapido Trimarans proudly employes more than 60 Vietnamese staff who are skilled and passionate about quality. Most of the staff have worked with Paul, James and Damien for 10 years building light-weight, high quality, composites. Willing to put in the hours when needed to make tight deadlines, their pride is clearly visible upon completion of each project.

Some of our staff enjoying a day of sailing.

Rapido's Dealership Network

Please contact one of Rapido's founders:

  1. Rapido Trimarans - Paul Koch, Ph +84 93 904 0201, [email protected]

  2. Rapido Trimarans - Richard Eyre, Ph+66 87 894 4104, [email protected]

Or contact a Rapido Dealer near you

  1. France - Navis LRMagalie Raison (Ph. & Laurent (Ph.

  2. Australia - Phil Day, Ph. +61 477111339

  3. USA - The Multihull SourceBob Gleason, Ph. 508-295-0095

  4. Germany, Austria - Corsair GermanyWerner Stolz, Ph. +49 89 3082344

  5. United Kingdom / Channel Islands - Sun Yachts BrokerageTom Whitby, Ph. +44 7477 959 695 

  6. Greece - Fast Sailing GreeceMichael Aftias, Mob:+30 6977 2345 27

  7. Morrelli & Melvin - Mark Womble, Ph. +1  949-500 3440 


Or contact a Rapido 60 owners

  1. Caribbean (Ineffable) - Steve Bourne

  2. New Zealand (Romanza) - Jaz Knowles and Dougall Love

Triac Composites Limited

Rapido Trimarans Limited, Hong Kong, is the international sales arm established to take advantage of the growing market for yachts in the Asian region.

Triac Composites Company Limited is our manufacturing arm based in Vietnam. We are structured to handle high tech composite OEM contracts as well as producing our own designs.

Our capability includes CNC cutting and autoclave for carbon pre-preg and infusion work which is run by a highly experienced team of expatriate and local staff.

For further information

For further information regarding the use of composites in your next project, please email Phil Johns at: [email protected] 

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