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The Rapido 40 and 50 - The World's Ultimate Folding Crusing Trimarans

When the idea to make the Rapido 50 a folding trimaran was first suggested, our initial reaction was, "ARE YOU CRAZY??". And then there was the idea to manufacture the Rapido 40!!

But after consulting with Pete Melvin from our designers, Morelli & Melvin, we thought, "Why not!". After all, our management team has built more folding trimarans than anyone else in the world and if anyone understands the challenges and how to do it right, we do!

It will add a small amount to the initial cost but the ability to park the boat in any marina that accepts monohulls will make it all worthwhile and the payback will be huge!

Further details - Rapido 50

Further details - Rapido 40

Contact details of dealers

Rapido Trimarans is represented by a number of dealerships around teh world. For details, click here.


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